SOLD Mesa WD800

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    Nov 11, 2016
    United States
    Great sounding Mesa WD800 bass amp for $800 shipped. 800 watts of warm, tube tone, with plenty of punchy mids. It is in great condition, has a gig bag and power cord, and has that awesome Mesa sound.

    Hit me up with any questions!

    ----- From Mesa -----

    In direct response to player feedback and the longstanding demand for a more powerful version of their WalkAbout Bass Head, Mesa has produced the Subway WD-800 Head. This Head combines the warm, soulful sounding magic of the WalkAbout tube preamp section with the musical Class D Output Power used in the Subway Line to create the ultimate lightweight hybrid. As in the original, the inspiring round, fat WalkAbout Tone is joined by comprehensive rotary shelving Tone controls and a semi-parametric EQ, giving you total shaping authority in the preamp. The new WD800 also features the Subway D800 Plus’s highly effective High Pass Filter and a new Power Amp Damping control, which allow tuning of the sub-low frequencies and power response options respectively. The Low setting produces a looser, more relaxed and blooming character reminiscent of Tube power. High tightens the low end, adding punch and accuracy in tracking, while Medium provides a blend of these opposite ends of the power response spectrum.

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