No longer available MesaBoogie Subway WD-800

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  1. BassBlue


    Sep 28, 2013
    Chicago, IL
    Make story short: selling this awesome amp (I think serial #78?). Never left home and does not a have a ding or scuff on it. Less then 6 months old. 4.5 years of warranty left. All accessories and paperwork are in tact. Not sure I have original box, but I will pack it VERY well and securely if I do not find it in storage.

    I am located in downtown Chicago and would prefer local pickup for this (Chicagoland area) and the MesaBoogie 115 Subway cab I am selling as well. I will ship the head though, if needed. Buyer pays for shipping.

    PM if any questions.

    20190501_095226.jpg 20190501_095154.jpg
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