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Message To Gard, jt, and DURRL

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Nick Gann, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Nick Gann

    Nick Gann Talkbass' Tubist in Residence

    Mar 24, 2002
    Silver Spring, MD
    (and to everyone else)

    Mama Cass says hi!

  2. Yeah, he PM'd me to whine about his Sucs...er...uh...Bucs getting their cleats knocked up around their facemask yet again by my Saints. (Three in a row, can you say "four-peat"? I knew you could...)


    Good to know he's still ok, even though he's a Bucs fan.

  3. bovinehost


    Dec 5, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball Music Man/Sterling By Music Man
    Dang, Gard, you're a Saints fan? There's hope for you yet.

    FYI, I was born/grew up on the MS Gulf Coast, so I love them loser Saints, too.
  4. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    Who Dat?????


  5. Em eye crooked letter crooked letter eye crooked letter crooked letter eye humpback humpback eye, hm? 'Splain's a LOT! :eek:


    Where 'zacly in Messy-sippy you from? I grow'd up in Slide-hell m'self, so I come by my 'Aints fanhood all honest-like, y'see.

    There's a few others 'round here, Ganttbos lives near Covington, and Armybass grew up in Mandeville (and had Ganttbos as a science teacher in HS! :D).

    Our Saints might just be "losers" in the eyes of everyone else, but I think we got the attention of those fans over in Tampa! :bassist:

    ...yo Doc: Yeah you right, WHO DAT! :D
    When you gonna come up and visit us at BC?
    (If you're into the food as well as the football, I just found a real authentic Nawlins restaurant just around the corner from the shop - please gimme a reason to eat there again!!!)
  6. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Where y'at Gard?

    We haven't talked for days!
  7. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    cool. i was wondering what happened to him.

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