Method of learning guitar?

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    Aug 9, 2005
    I think this is GI...
    Anyway, i want to learn guitar as well as bass. Not to become my main instrument, but just because i like it and such. I was wondering what are some good methods of learning guitar? I have the 'ultimate guitar book' presented by al di meola, anything else i should know?
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    First, develop a pompous attitude and tell all your friends how much better you are then them. J/K, couldn't help myself.

    Learning guitar is very similar, yet very different to learning bass, but it depends on what you know musically overall, and how much do you want to learn? I learned to play guitar by finding the slowest songs that I LIKED <---that's a clue). If I couldn't figure the notes out by ear I'd get the tab and bang away at it till it sounded right. Remember practice precision and accuracy before you try to build up speed.

    Hal Leonard has some good instruction manuals.
    Google, Your local library, and any totalitariancorporate bookstore, check your local music shops for instructors, make friends w/ guitarist from some of the local bands, etc, etc, etc.