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Metro neck problem

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MikeBass, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. I'm bummed tonight. :(
    Just got my Metro back from the shop and there is a slight warping thingy happening.
    I like the neck damn near flat and the action pretty low. Not fret buzz crazy low, but a little more than average.
    I left the set up action wise pretty much alone from how it originally came. Mind you it was set up sweet, but a bit higher than I would like.
    So the other day I was playing and decided that I wanted it a bit lower. So I took it to my local tech (who does work for some of the guys from Kid Rock, Sponge ect..) and said "do it up Mike style!!!" (he knows my set up like nobody).
    Anyway, I get a call today to stop by the shop because the bass is done but there is something he wants to show me.
    The neck has more relief on one side than the other, and to remove it, it causes issues on the opposite side. Not much, in fact some folks wouldn't even notice.
    Now here's the catch, the set up is great right now. About where I like it if the little bit of bow was gone.
    My question is, is this gonna get worse or this will stay the same and be cool??
    When it first came, like I said, I left it alone except for a set-up which stemmed from being shipped from Japan to Detroit.
    Tim, who did the set-up and mostly all of mine, remembers my basses because there isn't too many Sadowsky's floating around Detroit and doesn't remember this being there before.
    So, Low Down Sound (where I got it from-great shop/guy BTW) is gonna call Roger and the boys tomorrow to take care of this.
    I'm not complaining at all, Roger and his crew have been the best I've ever delt with in the past and I have no dought that this willl be handled in the same manner.
    Just bumming because......well, I love my stinkin' Sadowsky!!
    Plus, if they throw on a new neck, it's #111 and I hope that doesn't change!
  2. Sorry to hear that Mike. I have a Metro MV5 #255 and I would be really bummed without it. Good luck and let us know what happens. I'm sure if there's a real issue that Roger will take care of the problem, that's one company that really stands behand the stuff they make.
  3. burk48237

    burk48237 Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2004
    Oak Park, MI
    To bad your stuck with that sucky F Bass as a backup, I don't know how you'll survive! :D
  4. Update to the issue with my neck.
    The bass was sent back to Sadowsky for inspection. When it got there Sadowsky & Co. did the usual set-up and they had some issues getting it just right as well. Which is good, because I thought for a second maybe it was just me!
    So a re-fret is in the works.
    Anyway, from what I was told today from Low Down Sound, Mr. Roger Sadowsky is personally doing the re-fret himself!!! :hyper:
    The world famous Sadowsky fret job is being done on my Metro! And by Roger himself!
    Not saying that the Metros don't come sweet already, the standards in which they are judged must be enormus, but every now and then one will slip thru and, I gotta say, Sadowsky customer service is second to none!
    I guess a lot of people would be really ticked off that there is a problem with anything. But I'm a bit different.
    Problem?? What's the solution. Do it. Don't let it re-occur.

    Heck, wouldn't it be cheaper for a new neck?? I mean, I'll take the fret job!! Take your time!!
    No sessions, just gigs on the board for now, and I have a few friends with Sadowsky's if I'm really strapped for that sound.
    Besides, I think my F Bass likes all the attention!!

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