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Metronome/Tuner combo?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by laboitenoire, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Alright. My last metronome, which has been on the fritz for about a year, has gone MIA on me, and so I need a new one. I also need a new chromatic tuner to take on the go with me. Seeing as it's more convenient to be in one package, I would like to buy a unit that is both a metronome and a chromatic tuner. I'm also a clarinet player, so I need the metronome to be quite loud so that I can hear it. Preferred tempo range would be from 30 to 250 (which is quite normal for electric metronomes), but it's not a big deal if it's something else.

    At the moment, I'm looking at the following:

    Sabine MetroTune MT-9000
    Boss TU-80
    Korg TM-40

    Less than $40, please.
  2. Spector_Ray


    Aug 8, 2004
    I don't know about the tuner/metronomes you listed, but I do own a Boss TU2 tuner and it's the cat's meow. I don't think you can go wrong with Boss.
  3. my old bass teacher had the Korg one, and it always served us well in lessons.
  4. Resurrecting an old thread here, but I'm curious as well.

    I recently bought the Boss TU-80 at GC since I really could use a metronome and a solid tuner in one package. I have an old Korg handheld tuner that tunes ok but could be faster, and I have a Sabine metronome with tuner mic that doesn't go up in 1 BPM increments. I also had an old Qwik Time that went up in 1BPM increments but it wouldn't save settings when it was turned off! Not good for practices.

    I can say that the Boss TU-80 is quite good as a tuner. The Accupitch feature is nice and it does chromatic as well as bass and guitar, plus reference pitches. It also has a bypass into your amp so you can plug it through a signal chain into your amp. However, the metronome is not very loud for even home practice and doesn't have a volume adjustment nor a headphone jack (I mistook the pass through output as a headphone jack). The metronome features are nice (you can program various simple rhythm patterns and it's pretty responsive on touch start), but the limited volume makes these features worthless.

    I'm seriously thinking of returning it and getting a Korg TM-40 instead. It has a volume control and headphone jack, so even if the volume isn't adequate for home practice I can wear headphones. I just wish that the Guitar Center I bought it from had a TM-40 in stock so I could have checked it out before. There's also a new Planet Waves Chordmaster that has a tuner and metronome as well, but I have no idea how that is.

    Anybody try out the Korg TM-40? How's the metronome volume? How well does the tuner work?
  5. Just J

    Just J Guest

    Jul 27, 2007
    I have the TU-80 and I've noticed something odd. I need to change the batteries, but it seems the tuner is off by a little bit. When I tune using my floor pod or my amp, it's always a little sharper than the tuner likes...
  6. Yeah. When I tuned my acoustic guitar in chromatic mode I noticed the G string was way off. I switched it to guitar and just to be sure set it against my Korg GA-30 and it seemed to be fine. But I did notice off hand that the Korg was a tiny bit flat when the Accupitch on the TU-80 registered it as ok.

    Looks like I'm going to return this thing. If it's not that accurate to begin with then I don't need it as a tuner or a metronome.

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