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  1. umm, ok, if i were to look into getting new pick ups for a five string fender jazz, were would i look, how hard are they to get installed and how much are they gonna cost me?

    thanks a lot please reply
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    Feb 2, 2001
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    Iv'e been playing my Warmoth 5 string J bass alot & the sound is GREAT. It has a pair of EMG 40 J's & an Aguilar OBP-1 pre-amp in it. I'd put an EMG J set & the OBP-1 set in yours. It'll cost about $100 for the p/u's & about $80 for the pre-amp. You might need intermediate soldering knowledge to allemble it. You might also have to route a space under the pickguard for the pre-amp & batteries. It sound like alot of work but it will make your bass sound like a million bucks. Another option on a pre-amp is an EMG BTC System. That also costs about $80 & I don't you have to do any modifications for it to fit.
  3. ok i posted this a while back, and now i think I'm gonna save the cash from pickups and wait till i get enough cash for the G&L, but thanks anyways dude, helpful if i decide to keep this one. I'm gonna save that somewhere