TRADED MG JB1 neck through 5-String bass 2020 Curly Spalted Maple w/LowEnd 3-Band pre - Now $1750 shipped!

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    Oooooooh, mama! Just look at this bass. It's a thing of beauty and in mint condition. MG Bass JB1 neck through 5-String (2020) Curly Spalted Maple w/used Rock Case included as shown in photos. When I saw it, I had to buy it, so I did - even though I was well aware that Bartolini pickups and/or preamps have historically never bonded well with me. It looks fantastic, it plays really really good... and it has Bartolini pickups in it (and a LowEnd preamp). I'm used to Sadowsky and/or Aguilar. It's an awesome bass, looks way cooler in person than photos and videos can show, but not right for me. if you're a Bartolini fan - or a fan of MG Basses - this is a great bass for you. 10.7 lbs on my digital scale.

    Video is me with this exact bass. Sorry the window unit AC was running the whole time and you can hear it in the background…

    Was $3590 + $500 for super gloss finish new ($4090):


    • Curly Spalted Maple
    • Ash
    • Special shape body with easy access to the last fret

    • Neck through
    • 5-pieces: Mahogany / Padauk
    • Fingerboard: Maple
    • Frets: 24 Jumbo
    • Scale: 34”
    • Radius: 12”
    • Inlays: Yellow Block Inlay
    • Truss rod: Double action truss rod

    • Pickups: Bartolini (H+H)
    • Preamp: LowEnd 3 Band

    • Bridge: Hipshot 19 mm.
    • Tuning Machines: hipshot
    • Hardware Color: Black
    • Dunlop buttons strap

    • super-gloss finish was an extra $500 fee when purchased new.

    Price includes shipping CONUS

    Video (me with this exact bass):
    Sorry the window unit AC was running the whole time and you can hear it in the background…

    IMG_1786.jpeg IMG_1788.jpeg IMG_1792.jpeg IMG_1789.jpeg IMG_1793.jpeg IMG_1790.jpeg IMG_1791.jpeg IMG_1787.jpeg IMG_1795.jpeg
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