SOLD MIA Fender Jazz Body

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    May 2, 2016
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    2002 Fender MIA Jazz body in rare Chrome Red. Body has some slight wear as seen in photos. All stock parts aside from strap pins. PG had a crack that does not affect functionability. Great sounding and great looking. $375 shipped CONUS 8F016E09-A9A8-454E-AF5E-4C0B2E69D74A.jpeg 15C580B2-A9B9-40E2-8A64-3A6BDBEFA4CE.jpeg B22E91F8-2BCC-4F8C-B2C7-FEDDA74D35BA.jpeg 0AD4A94C-8A60-4472-80C6-D3055E479579.jpeg C0CB23ED-11AD-4FA2-9CA9-84683AA1602E.jpeg A6361B8D-6CC4-4EC7-A37D-CB7729C98C6F.jpeg 911F2FB0-A736-4D8F-8F04-06A99B22B439.jpeg
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