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  1. Well this super cool :cool: guy I've known that lives in CA now is going to get ship me his old red MIA Jazz since he now has this new $3000 bass he never puts down. He said he never plays the MIA and he knew I play, so is giving it to me just for the shipping cost.

    The problem: He picked it up from his friends where it has been a while and the pickups are fried. He said the circut board for the onboard effects also was fried but when did a jazz have onboard effects ??

    What pickups would you reccomend throwing in this wonderful bass since the cost is on him ?
  2. JPJ


    Apr 21, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    For a MIA jazz, I would highly recommend the new Nordstrand NJ4 single coils, which would be a perfect drop-in replacement fit for your jazz. These pickups were designed with the vintage jazz bass in mind, are wound to ole' school specs using formvar wire and Alnice 5 magnets. Very sweet and clean with a lot of single coil snap! They'll make you smile like this....:D

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