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  1. I have a black '95 Fender P in good condition. THe pickguard is pretty messed up, so Im looking for a tortoise guard to prertty it up, I will include the original. Ill try to get good pictures of it, but in the meantime Ill try to describe the condition.

    The E string tuning key has a decent scratch on it, doesnt affect the tuning at all.

    There is some belt rash on the back of it, nothing through the paint.

    One ding on the bass side edge, again, not through the paint.

    All the electronics are in excellent condition, the bass sounds really good. I just prefer the sound of J's, so my 4 string need is met with my modded MIM J. I actually want a RB 5, which is the primary reason for selling this.

    Gig bag included.

    I really want to get $500, but will negotiate a deal if necessary
  2. *bump*

    Shoot me an offer, I really wanna sell this...