mic with MD?

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  1. i own a sharp mt831 minidisc recorder and i want to use it to record my bass,, for now just mic up my amp and record the single track,, eventually i want to get something like a smalll soundcraft mixer for recording a few channels at a time ,,with guitar and drum live,, i'm not bothered about 4 tracks and layering individual instruments,, anyway,,
    what would be the best type of powered mic to use with a Md,,for this purpose?
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    Nov 2, 2000
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    Since it's only 4 track and you probably wont make an album, I sugest you buy a shure SM57, they can do anything. If you find the "sweet spot" you can have a really good drum sound, just experiment.
    The drum on lenny Kravitz/are you gonna go my way was recorded with only one mic. You can have them under 100$ used.