Michael at Hornbachers Tonight!

Discussion in 'Ask Steve Lawson & Michael Manring' started by frederic b. hodshon, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. this time i'm making it!

    bringin' the wifey her first real night out in a while!!!

    can't wait.

    any chance for a solo IDIOT KING medley?

  2. just back from SD.

    saw the first half of the show, then had to split due to sudden illness.

    Michael was his usual gentlman self.

    Sagrada Familia was a high point along with smoke on the water and sunshine of your love.

    exceptional performance, nice venue.

    i don't think i'll be getting Book of Flame back from my wife anytime soon. time to buy my own copy.

    thanks Michael!

  3. Michael Manring

    Michael Manring TalkBass Pro Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2000
    Hi Fred,

    Thanks so much for coming to the show and my apologies for the belated reply! It was a pleasure to meet your wife and I have really been enjoying the Fred Frith CD -- many thanks. I hope the sudden illness was minor!

    I'll have to work on putting together an Idiot King medley!
  4. i'm glad we could FINALLY make it.

    Melissa REALLY enjoyed meeting you and watching the performance. you made her weekend. even with her disease she was able to let go and enjoy herself.

    Fred Frith's Gravity is such a joy of an album.

    for a more visceral Fred Frith...MASSACRE with Bill Laswell and Fred Maher is a landmark recording for improvised musics.