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    IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0739.jpg IMG_0738.jpg IMG_0737.jpg IMG_0736.jpg This bass's design was licensed by Rick Turner to Michael Kelly Guitars; it's a knock-off of his American-made Renaissance bass line: made in Korea, it's much less expensive; it nonetheless incorporates some of the original's cool features.

    Unfortunately, they were only made for several years.

    I enjoy the sound of the bass immensely; with nylon wrapped strings, it was like having a Spanish guitar--but in bass guitar range.

    The nut is 1.69 in; string spacing at the bridge is .75 in. (19mm); neck radius is 12".

    However, as someone who likes wider necks, I found the fretboard width too unforgiving to play comfortably with nylon wrapped strings, which liked to roll off the edge.

    Bass is in overall good condition, with the following items worth noting (see pics):
    1) the plastic cover over the truss rod is missing;
    2) there is a small dent in the wood on the body, under the E string, midway between the neck and bridge;
    3) access to the batteries is VERY tight; I found it necessary to cut away a bit of the lip behind the access plate in order to remove them without damaging the wiring.

    The strings have been on for a while; I will leave them on, and will include one of three sets with the purchase.
    1) D'Addario ET B92 Black Nylon tape wounds, 105-50 (same set as is currently on bass)
    2) Ernie Ball 2070 Phosphor Bronze, 95-45
    3) TI AB344 Bronze wound, 86-41

    FYI:The first two sets are new; the TI's--which are the set recommended by Rick Turner--I purchased them new, tried them on...and immediately took them off, and put back in their packaging...they sound awesome, but were much too light for my playing style.

    Here's some of the copy from the original ad, for further details:

    Turner's dedication and study of quality sound ultimately led to the creation of the D-TAR wavelength - an acoustic system utilizing a piezo pickup, a condenser mic, and an 18-volt preamp specifically designed to improve the quality of tone and performance of acoustic instruments in live situations.

    Turner's incorporation of the D-TAR system into his handmade and licensed Renaissance guitars, including the MKB4SB 4-string bass is what makes these guitars unique and highly sought after.

    • Neck Material - Mahogany
    • Neck Finish - Natural Satin
    • Nut Material - Bone
    • Fretboard Material - Rosewood
    • Scale Length - 34"
    • Body Shape - Turner Renaissance
    • Top Material - Okoum
    • Body Material - Okoum w/ Abalone Purfling
    • Center Block Material - Mahogany
    • Bridge - Rick Turner Design w/ 7 degree saddle tilt - Strings through body
    • Electronics - USA made Seymour Duncan/Rick Turner D-TAR System
    • Finish - High Gloss Sunburst
    Asking $500, plus shipping; no trades. IMG_0703.jpg IMG_0677.jpg IMG_0707.jpg IMG_0675.jpg IMG_0667.jpg IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0679.jpg IMG_0703.jpg IMG_0679.jpg IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0669.jpg IMG_0667.jpg
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    Could you add a side pic please
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    Just put some up there....
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