Michael Manring and PALACE OF LOVE!!! 10-19-2002 - question...

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  1. playing with Mike Kenneally's band.

    This specific mutation of Palace Of Love is:
    Chris Cutler - drums
    Henry Kaiser - guitar
    Mike Keneally - keys
    Lukas Ligeti - drums
    Michael Manring - electric bass
    Chris Muir - guitar
    Damon Smith - acoustic bass


    Kaiser and Cutler!!!?!?!@?@#?$%$%&#%^&*@%^

    i'm a big Henry Cow fan, and any opportunity to see Chris Cutler is TOP PRIORITY!!!

    Michael, any more info on this band/lineup?


    fred hodshon
  2. just bought my tickets!!!!

    see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michael Manring

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    Apr 1, 2000
    Hi Fred,

    Palace of Love is a floating personnel band that Henry organizes. There is a kind of repertoire of musical structures, but the focus of the band is improv. We recorded a CD's worth of material a while ago with the lineup: Alex Cline (drums), Raoul Bjorkenheim (guitar), Henry Kaiser (guitar), Mike Keneally (keys) and me; but it hasn't been released yet. Henry has set-up a web page for the band here: http://www.xfade.com/pol/. I look forward to seeing you at the show!