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Mick Quinn of "Supergrass"

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by volker, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. In my opinion he's quite a good bass player. I like his work on the band's 3rd, self-titled album. And he's actually the only one I've seen during the last few years using an Ibanez "Blazer" bass (as far as I can remember?!).

    Anyone else on here heard him?
  2. yeah, even though I'm not that keen on Supergrass' overall sound (Gaz Coombes' voice and Danny Goffey's loose drumming) I can always appreciate Mick Quinn's basslines.

    he's said JJ Burnel (Stranglers) is one of his influences (Trevor Bolder being another), and when he uses a pick and distortion his sound is similar eg. "Richard the 3rd".
    he looks a bit like Burnel too....

    BTW are the Ibanez Blazer and RoadstarII the same bass?
  3. Thanks for your reply! @ Mock The Turtle Regulator :)

    There are some Roadstar II models that look quite similar to the Blazer ones, but as far as I know, as opposed to the Blazers those Roadstars' headstocks were lacquered in the same colour as their bodies. They can probably be regarded as the Blazers' successors.

    Interesting, your comparison of Mick Quinn with J.J. Burnel, but yeah, I agree.

    And in regards to the "loose drumming" bit: Yes, I think that's something that bothers me too in some of Supergrass' songs. And the only thing I don't like about Gary Coombes' voice is its similarity to Mick Jagger's (can't stand him). On their first big hit "Alright" it sounds more like Gary Numan, though.
  4. I've not listened to my Supergrass CDs for over a year now.... just put In It For The Money on because of this thread :)

    I do remember being very surprised when I saw them play Mary on TOTP - that's a really good line, very bouncy.

    I've only seen him (in videos and pictures) playing Fenders. :meh:

    I'll come back with some more once I've listened to these CDs :)
  5. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Having opened for them, my overall impresison of them as a live band was that Mickey is the backbone of the group. He's definitely more musically solid than his bandmates and sings all the high harmonies (He's also a few years older than the other guys). I think they make great albums- very stylish and strong songwriting. They aren't the most exciting live band (another in a long string of British bands who study the nuances of their sneakers while playing), but their new album is very good. There's a lot of T-Rex influence in some of their new tunes.
  6. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    wow, i was wondering the other day why hasn`t this bassist got some TB recognition...

    he's cool in my book
  7. Okay, I've just listened to the two CDs I have - In It For The Money and the self-titled.

    I can see why I didn't think *that much* of him - on IIFTM there's nothing really special bass-wise.

    What a contrast with the self-titled. Wow! From the bouncy almost-funk of Moving to more straight tracks like Jesus Came From Outta Space, this is a surprisingly good bass album. Playful, bouncy, but keeping time against Dannys' sometimes loose drumming. Eon and Mary deserve mention too, but could Faraway sound any more like Bowie?

    He's got a lot more respect from me now. I'm gonna check out their latest too.

    I think I've got something to work with/on this week now.

    :) :bassist:
  8. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    Check out the debut album, I should Coco, some really good lines on there too. I'd like to know, Alright, Lenny, Lose It, Mansize Rooster. The last one has a very Bruce Foxton like bass line in the pre chorus/chorus.

    I agree Danny isn't a great chops drummer, but I love his loose feel.

    The self titled album has some great songs, but seems a bit unfocused.
  9. *nods vigorously* That's exactly right! I have "In It For The Money" also, but although there are a few tunes on it which are really good (like the already mentioned "Richard III") I far more prefer the follow-up album - better bass-lines and just better work in general, in my opinion.

    In the beginning of the band's career Mick Quinn played a "Precision" bass. The change to the Ibanez must have happened just after that 2nd album "In It For The Money" was released. His bass usually had a tortoiseshell pickguard on it, but when I saw the guys live about two years ago it was shiny green(!).
  10. ...Something I had always planned but never got around to do - thanks for reminding me @ davidmwilson

    And thanks to everyone's replies, of course! :)
  11. ...Yes, Mick is seven years older than Gary. And yes again, for being "only" the bass player he does loads of singing, and sometimes even the lead vocals
  12. I had I Should Coco on casette aaaaaaages ago - it was one of the first albums I bought. I Don't know where it is these days, I've a feeling (I hope) it's just in a cupboard with a load of junk.

    *from what I can remember* it was similar to IIFTM, but a more youthful enthusiasm - "Caught By The Fuzz". I can't really remember any standout bass playing, but I didn't play bass back in the days when I used to listen to it.:eek:

    I'm gonna dig it out tomorrow. Maybe later tonight.

  13. ...I have the special edition of the self-titled album, and it has (among other stuff) the video to "Caught By The Fuzz" on it! I like what I've heard from their debut so far, so it should be worth for me to go to the library and borrow it.:)

    From their latest album I've only heard the first single, "Grace" - didn't really grab me, to be honest.
  14. I've got the special edition too, but there's a scratch or something so it crashes every time I try to watch the "Time" video.

  15. That's too bad. Basically the "Time" video is put together of many short filmed sequences showing the band on stage as well as off stage.

    Oh, by the way; In the "Caught By The Fuzz" video Mick Quinn can be seen with both the "Precision" and the "Ibanez", so what I had said about his bass change in one of my former posts is bollocks ;)
  16. in a couple of interviews he's said that the Ibanez was his first bass, and he's stuck with it as he's so used to it and the pickups have a high output.

    I wish my first bass could have been as useable...
  17. I see! That's pretty cool. Thanks for the info! :)

    By the way, what was your first bass? @ Mock The Turtle Regulator
  18. my first bass was a Korean Squier Precision I got in 1992. it was plywood bodied, and the neck might has well have been made of plywood too.

    it was the cause of so much frustration- I couldn't work out why slapping sounded so dull- whether it was my technique or what, and I couldn't get any P bass grind out of it, or any sustain. and the frets wore out very quickly.

    when I later tried new Squiers around 98/99 and found they were so much better for the same money I smashed it- hence "deceased" in the previously owned gear part of my profile.
  19. Oops! Well hopefully you smashed it on stage so at least it was good for one thing = being a nice show effect ;)

    I had more luck with my first bass, a very good Jazz Bass copy my brother gave me when his interests altered from "making music" to "being husband and father", in 1984. The only disadvantage of the instrument: Both neck and body are maple, so it weighs a ton.
  20. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    actually, my first bass was a Blazer. It sounded terrible. Although that could have been my hopelessness at the time coupled with the total crapidity of my Wem amp. *shudder*