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Micro dots in bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Down_Low, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever put some of these Mico Dots things in/on their bass? I've just odered some for some expensive camera gear that got stollen and eventually recovered and returned to me, minus the serial numbers now, but am getting enough that I'll have some spare.

    If anyone's used them, can you really not detect that they're there? Has anyone actually had something stollen and the dots made a difference? I like the idea of it, but if anyone's got any experience, I'd be keen to hear about it.

  2. Hi.

    I have no personal experience about them, but in order to work as planned, either the police department or the insurance companies would have to participate fully.

    The first time I heard about it was in late 90's when a friend of mine was stationed in Dublin, and since his insurance company offered a 20% price reduction if such an identification method was used on a vehicle, he had his brand new '99 Hayabusa marked.

    I seriously thought about importing the system or an eqvivalent, but a brief research showed me that it wasn't an feasible idea over here.

    In order to work effectively, a system like that requires an inducement of some sort, like a reduced insurance fee.

    Also, the system has to have references, a good percentage of recovered items.

    And lastly and most definitely not the least, a system like that requires a "healthy" crime scene. Up until very recently when our good neigbours have come here for "moonlighting", the recovery procent has been good enough without any additional gimmics.

    Our borders aren't that tight anyway for small scale theft, and the smalleness of the land meands that You'll be off the country of the crime usually in less than 5 hours if desired.

    On an isolated and/or tightly controlled region with high crime rate and lack of resources, a system like the micro dot would probably be effective.

  3. Well we're pretty isolated out here - things rarely go overseas that get stollen. As I said though, I've already ordered some (they were ~AU/US$30, so not real pricey), and I've shown how easy it was for my camera gear to remove the current serial number. Plus the state police here approve of them (although I'm not sure if they actually go over every item they come accross with a UV light in CSI style?!).

    So I'm gonig to have enough left over that I could do a bass or two, thinking inside the control cavity. Just worried whether it will show up or not, etc.

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