Micro VR full stack farts out with (2) 210 cabs, sell it or just get a new head?

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    May 26, 2010
    So I picked up another SVT210av cabinet yesterday and was excited to now have two of them to go with my SVT Micro VR head, and had my fingers crossed. Unfortunately the Micro VR head that I have is unfortunately one of the ones that causes the speakers to 'fart' out when two cabs are connected to it and you start turning it up. It's a shame because the difference is unbelievably better with two cabs instead of one obviously, but no bueno once you start turning it up. My understanding is that this is an inherent problem with some of the heads, and not the speakers.

    So my question is do I just sell it all or just get a new head to run through the cabs? If I sold it all I'd most likely put the money toward a PF500 and a PF115 cab, otherwise I'd get a PF500 or an Aguilar TH350 to run through the two SVT210av cabs.

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    My problem went away after a period of time. I'm no expert, but I believe it's because the speakers weren't broken in at first, and breaking them in loosened them up enough to prevent this from happening. Someone might be able to tell you how to break in speakers quickly and efficiently, but I don't know the procedure exactly...it involves playing a low frequency loudly through them for a period of time, but I wouldn't know the exact details because I never do it.

    Or you can trade your Micro VR head in on a PF350, which is the same preamp with a more powerful class D power amp, or a PF500. Sounds identical to me with the PF350. I like the look of the Micro VR better ;) but they do sound identical as far as I can tell and never did that to me, even before the cabs broke in fully.

    Or there is a fix to the head that you can arrange with Ampeg to have done. Don't know what it involves because I never did it, but Ryan from Ampeg talked about them doing something to it that works to stop that.

    I'd try the breaking in thing first, though.
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    May 22, 2006
    How old is the amp?

    If it's a warranty repair, or otherwise relatively inexpensive mod, I might be inclined to have that done and keep it.

    If it's the same pre as the PF-350, it should really nice. I quite liked that one messing around in the store, but chickened out of the purchase. The microVR does look pretty sitting on those cabs.
  5. I, too, just received my second cab yesterday. Bought it as a scratch-and-dent item but opened it up and everything is as new. :D I've read on TB about the problems some folks have encountered with the problem you described. I practiced through mine at home last night with Gain and Volume at about 11:00 - 12:00 and didn't hear any issues. Tonight at rehearsal I'll see if anything happens. Hopefully not, since I don't have a back-up rig and my first gig is Saturday night. I hope your solution is breaking in the speakers as JimmyM mentioned!
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    May 26, 2010
    Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure both cabs are broken in since they both came from gigging musicians.

    No warranty since I picked it up second hand.

    The OTHER alternative is to sell a guitar amp I have that I never use, and that would cover the cost of the PF350, and leave me a little short for the PF500, but I would be willing to shell out the extra cash for the PF500 and still keep the Micro VR head just to mess around with. I'm leaning more toward the PF500 just for the increased versatility of the amp, and like the idea of more power, more tone controls and an onboard compressor for just $100 more. I think that amp with the two SVT210av cabs would make for a really versatile, relatively inexpensive but respectable rig.

    Not really on topic, but I will say is I had the stack turned up pretty darn loud just to see what it would do. As far as volume and presence the two cabs are night and day difference over just one. So many people keep saying that they need more power, more power because their rigs aren't loud enough. I think it's better to add a second cab first. As longs as the resistance is matched and within spec of the amp it will be a LOT louder. As an example, why keep the same 8 ohm cab with a more powerful head as opposed to adding a second 8 ohm cab, thus reducing the resistance and getting the full potential of a head that is otherwise running at lower power with just an 8 ohm? Maybe I'm missing something here.
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    Aug 27, 2011
    Hrm. I've been running the single cab with the VR gain and volume up pretty high at practices, and it pushed all the way through with no problems. Was just supposed to be a practice rig, but I loved the sound so much I have the second cab arriving any day so i can gig with it, too. Fingers crossed, though my luck ain't been so good when I find out about issues while the gear is already purchased and en route. I wonder if running an HPF would help keep away the evil farting.
  8. sbpark

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    May 26, 2010
    I should also list what I'm running through it. It's pretty dirty at times! I'm going into a Sonic Research tuner pedal (love this tuner), then into a vintage RAT > Pork Loin > Vintage Small Stone phaser > MXR Carbon Copy Delay. I also have a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator and a Boss OC-2 I toss in now and then.

    I'm hitting the amp with a lot of dirt and distortion, but was getting it to fart when it was clean and the master up to about 3 o'clock, and the amp's gain dialed a hair past noon.
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    You know, that's a pretty hairy setting as far as I remember. Could be you're just running out of gas in the head at that point.