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  1. I know this seems like the wrong place to post this, and has probably been asked before, but my search for this turned up really strange so i figured i'd deal with the flack and ask anyways.... I need a decent microphone for home recordings. I don't have thousands to spend on a microphone for my little ol' home recordings, but i do have some money. I would very much appriciate any advice you can give me on microphones, or tell me which microphones you use to record please. I have been doing some research, and i am not absolutly clueless on the topic, i just need some feedback. Thankyou! :)
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ok note to self don't post things right after i wake up...... i ment this to be in the recording equipment forum...... :rolleyes: :bag:
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    Aug 14, 2003
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    You did not mention what your primary use is for the mic. Is it strickly for your bass rig, or are you doing Vocals, Guitar or what? It makes a difference.
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    these have been highly recomended to me... though I haven't bought one yet http://www.studioprojects.com/index.html

    I know a lot can be done with just a simple Shure SM57. I bought an AKG D3800M for dirt cheap off eBay a little while back to start with.

    I'm looking to get a vintage Electro Voice Dynamic and a Studio Projects Condenser down the road. I'm also looking at the little Peavey PV6 mixer to connect to my computer
  5. oh yes sorry, for many instruments and vocals. i have some ideas i'd like to try out. Thank you James!