No longer available Mid 80s Fernandes FPB-P100 (P Bass Made in Japan)

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    Let's try one last time, after this is "whatever GC wants to give me".

    Shipping to CONUS. I will ship in a dual (as for 2 basses) old Fender gig bag. Buyer pays shipping.
    I still prefer local sales/trades. Local means my location and a ~2/3 hours driving distance. Which means: Lexington KY, Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, and part of WV.

    This bass appeared in the Fernandes Japanese catalog in 1984 (source: The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - Fernandes Catalog 1984)
    Details on the original Active EMG pickup can be found here: The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - Fernandes Catalog 1984
    As it can be seen this bass retailed for 100,000.00 Yen of that time. Most of the other models from the brand retailed for less (e.g. The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - Fernandes Catalog 1984)
    To put it into perspective the Fender Performer (John Page design) from the 1986 catalog retailed for 80,000.00 Yen (source: The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - Fender Japan Catalog 1986)
    Comparable Yamahas (the BB series) were between 50,000 and 200,000 (the top of the line BB5000) (source: The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1985 and The World of Musical Instruments Brochures - Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1985)

    Conditions: Fair to Good.
    I am very conservative in my ratings as I do not want to disappoint buyers.
    I recently got it and fully serviced, shielded both pickup and electronics cavities with copper foil (see pics). Cleaned every single part.
    This bass has been played and it shows, the body has some scratches, dents and dings, buckle rash, and few other imperfections. Frets have been used, it is not refret territory yet, but definitely dressing/leveling would be beneficial.
    Truss rod moves freely and I set the relief at around 0.012".
    What makes the rating so low are the pieces made of metal.
    Tuners are becoming a bit stiff (worms seem intact), some pitting is present, and the plating on the G key is detaching on one side (see pics.)
    There is the low side set screw of the A saddle that is frozen in place.
    Due to the geometry of the bridge it is possible to let the saddle rest on the other screw without many problems.

    Weight: 8 lbs. 15 oz
    Serial: L00XXXX
    Body: Alder
    Color: PW (I think stands for Pearl White, with aging it got a nice yellowish tint and a very peculiar iridescent color)
    Neck: Maple
    Fretboard: Ebony, 24 frets
    Nut: Brass (from factory), 42mm
    String spacing at bridge: 18.5mm
    Scale: 34"
    Pickup: EMG Active P Pickup (from factory)
    20220227_091926.jpg PXL_20220123_141246187.jpg PXL_20220122_182555456.jpg PXL_20220123_023916612.jpg PXL_20220123_024344844.jpg PXL_20220123_141308288.jpg PXL_20220123_141318718.jpg PXL_20220123_141327548.jpg PXL_20220123_141335236.jpg PXL_20220123_141345114.jpg PXL_20220123_141357325.jpg PXL_20220123_141357592.jpg PXL_20220123_141407874.jpg PXL_20220123_141421159.jpg

    Please feel free to message me with questions.
    Sold as is, all sales are final.
    Thank you.

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    Mar 7, 2022
    Hi - I found this post while surfing for something else. But I’m interested.

    Located in Woodstock, IL 60098


    please email - pm sent
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