Mid + Mid sweep on a stacked pot

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  1. Is it possible to wire an Aguilar OBP-3 to have the mid bosst/cut and the mid sweep on a single stacked pot? If so which pot do I need? I dont remember what pots I have at the moment, but I'll look when I get home and post them here. I'd prefer to not buy another one but I think I'll have to.
    My overall path will be Vol/Vol, Mid/Mid Sweep, Bass/Treble. I'm installing it in a P-bass, but will have a bridge position routed out for a J or MM pickup sometime in the next month or so probably, which is why I want to use a Vol/Vol setup.
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    Here's the OBP-3 wiring diagram.

    Reading this document, the trick is that it'd take a 50k linear taper for the mid and a dual 500K linear for the blend.

    I don't know if there's a concentric pot out there where one of the barrels is a 50K linear and the other barrel is a dual 500K linear.

    But that's what we need to find. Scavenger hunt time.
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    Oh, and I forgot to mention. There's a preamp out there that has the exact setup you're asking for re: mid/mid sweep & bass/treble on stacked pots.

    The EMG BQC control. Basically, the output of your vol/vol pot would go into this pre, and then out to the output jack.

    I've had one of these in my bass for 8 years now. (technically the EMG "BQC system" which is just the "control" with a blend pot that's geared for EMG's active pickups. Clip off the blend pot and you've got the "control") I'm going to be removing it soon. Decent preamp. The EMG pre isn't going to have the same sound as the Aggie though.
  4. Ah, cool. That wiring diagram has alot more information than the one that came in the box with the pre.
    I hope I can find such a pot (dual 500k and 50k). It'd save me from routing in the bass.

    Re EMG: I'm not familiar with either the EMG or the Aguilar pre, so I'll use what I've got and if I find I want to change it I'll definitly consider that.
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    Aug 28, 2007

    I am in the same boat - going to do an OBP-3 in a Spector Rebop. There are 4 holes for pots so for now I am doing vol/vol, bass/treble, mid sweep and mid.

    However, I am also going to be putting in an EMG 40TW later and will need one push-pull pot for choosing coils, so I will be going back to 2 separate vol knobs.
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    Aug 28, 2007
    After researching, I don't think concentric 500K dual/250K single pots exist.