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Midi Bass Pedals

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by FenderTwin, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. FenderTwin


    Apr 18, 2018
    Not sure where this should go so if a moderator needs to move it that is fine.

    I am looking at 'midifying' a set of pedals taken out of a Hammond L-122 organ so not only can I use them with my virtual pipe organ set up, but also use them with a Moog and Taurus emulator when playing live as my hands are tied up playing guitar and my mouth is tied up singing. Anyway my question is the following:

    1) Has anyone had experience with the Basyn midi adapter for one octave bass pedals? (not sure if external links are allowed here but here is what I am looking at: The Basyn Store - Basyn MIDI Kit (Powered by CubeCart) ) This item is like a dream come true as far as it is a no brainier wiring up with little to no soldering required (I do have arthritis issues so soldering wires to little fine dots on a circuit board for me is just not happening), and the price is ideal. I guess what makes me a little cautious of this product is I have tried contacting the owner of this company via email and via his listing on e-bay with no response. ... This makes some alarm bells go off as to what will happen if I need customer support after receiving the product or if I even receive it at all.

    2) If people don't recommend this product due to quality or customer service support can anyone recommend a similar product that will do the same thing? I only need octave and have seen something made by 'Aduino' but prefer not to go this route as the board needs to be programmed, soldered etc ... I did find one product called Cygnus Midi adapter in this forum, but it seems the company behind this product no longer exists.

    Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.

    ... And remember to 'Rock Out, Roll On' !

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