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    Looking for some workflow advice. I've got an Akai MPD26 control unit and am running BFD2 software for my drums.

    Assume both are set at defaults. The general Midi spec means that some but not all of the kit pieces are mapped to pads on the controller. My goals are to be able to access the whole kit, and to arrange the layout in a logical way that is intuitive for me to operate.

    As I see it I have two options:

    Option 1: Reassign all the notes on the pad controller.

    Option 2: Reassign all the notes in BFD2 to conform to the default pad layout (4 banks of 16 pads with sequential note numbers)

    Option 1 requires the most effort but has the benefit of leaving my Midi data conforming to the standard. Option 1 also requires that I do patch management on hardware versus software for each kit I end up using.

    Option 2 is easier to do. The kit I'm using has many more sounds than the Midi standard (e.g. 8 different snare hits). With this option I can leave the hardware on factory default.

    This is hobby studio - not a professional studio, and I'm not expecting to share the Midi files.

  2. I would do option 2 because I know the majority of midi music out on the internet (from experience) is either done in general midi or darn near close to it. I only had to tweak a few. You can always, in BFD2, save the original mapping and make (and save) a general midi map for general midi use.

    Have you seen this tutorial?

  3. I do option 1. Yea, the initial setup takes time. My controller, however, allows me to save my custom setup to a file on my computer. So, I really only need to setup once, for each kit, then save it. There after, I just restore all the settings, from computer. A few mouse clicks and I'm ready to go. IRMV
  4. Which ever option you use, be consistent when assigning instruments to a specific pad. That way, when switching out drum kits, you'll always know where the open hihat or closed hihat, (rim shots, bass drum, ect...) are.

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