Might be buying a Gretsch g2202

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  1. So I found someone selling this locally and jokingly said I'd pay $100 for it. They, surprisingly, agreed:eek:. So is this a good deal just for the bass alone? It does come with strap and case.

    I know little of this bass other than it has one pickup, short scale, and is a discontinued model. So I'm looking for any information from members here.
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    Aug 25, 2010
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    I've heard nothing but good things about them nice score congrats.
  3. Well It's not in my hands yet, but thanks! I've been pretty lucky with gear lately. I found a '85 yamaha bb450 two weeks ago too.
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    Absolutely, yes that is a good deal. With the add-ons it is a steal. Go for it before the seller reconsiders!

    As far as more info, the pickup is a TV Jones designed humbucker. It is hot! It's a short scale bass and really comfortable to play. When I had one I replaced the bridge and knobs just for looks. It's great stock.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    An absolute steal! Buy it and if you don't like it you can just ship it to me :D
  6. Agreed, grab it. Very nicely made, and that single pickup sounds awesome. Very powerful and sits in the mix well.
  7. These replies have me excited. Let's hope it's a good working instrument and not one that got run over by a truck and super glued back together.
  8. So I bought the bass! The case is a hardshell probably made for a les paul jr but it just fits as long as you don't mind detuning one of the tuners. However it is falling apart but that's what duct tape is for, right? and I definitely won't be using the case for gigs-just home storage.

    The bass itself is in near new condition without any dings or scratches. Plastic foil still covers the back plate. It is a bit dusty and smells of nice incense but my cleaners shouldn't have problems cleaning that up. It also has the former owner's sweat and thumb prints from when she last used it many months ago. Don't doubt her story as the dust confirms it.

    The strap is a very comfortable leopard print Get'm Get'm strap that I'm totally using on my main bass now.

    Sound? this bass indeed has one hot hot pickup and the short scale will take some getting used to but I dig it. It really wants to rock out than play motown but maybe some tape or flatwounds will help. For now, I'm replacing the stock strings with some swing 66 rotos I have laying around. Lets see if this bass can make me like the famed roto sound.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Awesome deal... Congratulations! Mine sounds amazing with Chromes. Should sound pretty darn good with the rotos as well.
  10. Great score on a great bass. I have mine strung with D'addario tapewounds .105 - .050 gauge. It makes a great "hour 4" bass. BTW, the G2202 is roughly the same length as an LP style guitar. I store my bass in a PRS SE gigbag.

    Obligatory gig pic:


    The only mod I've made is swapping out the stock bridge for a Gotoh 201, which is a drop in replacement.
  11. Sweet! I was thinking of getting a bridge replacement. I don't like that the stock doesn't have grooves under the height screws. Though that is more personal choice than necessity.

    I'm enjoying using a foam mute with it. It gives it a good thump and makes it sound motown/jazz but with a modern sound.

    I can't wait to see how it sounds with the band later this week.