Mighty Mite Strat neck, Senn HD 428 phones, Nvidia 9800GT

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  1. No trades please, Paypal only, CONUS only.

    First up is the Mighty Mite Lisc. by Fender strat neck. maple neck withe rosewood skunk stripe. maple board. jumbo/medium frets. gorgeous. this thing has quite a big of birdseye in it. 22 frets, replaced a 21 fret neck just fine with no mods. pearloid fingerboard dots. satin finish. I mounted it on my strat, then realized I like the original better (just like gloss on strat necks). go figure. my loss is your gain on this one. holes may or may not need to be replugged and drilled, but if youre switching a neck thats something you should have the ability to do anyway ;) because you have to align and drill to begin with. got it for $112 shipped


    here is my winning auction to see detailed pics, this is actually the neck I received.

    Next up is the Sennheiser HD428 headphones. Cool cans. probably the most comfortable headphones Ive had the pleasure of using. Did I mention how comfortable they are? very light on the head, used to watch a few movies in a row. 5+ hours and no fatigue or ear sweatage. at one point I forgot they were on my head, and even my 5.1 movies *almost* had me fooled, although these are not 5.1 phones. very clear, although not super loud, you need good volume to push these. have been broken in for 200+hours, but only broken in soundwise, not worn wise. they are not isolating enough for anti-click track bleed, but are fine for mixing, movie watching, music listening. skinny cable, so don't go tangling it around, but long. 1/8 inch plug.
    $40 shipped

    Now a Gigabyte NVIDIA geforce 9800gt graphics card. 1gb GDDR3. pci express 2.0. HDMI port. windows 7 compatible. zalman fan. installed on my HTPC I built, ran just fine, used for about 5 days, then upgraded. I have the box and everything is came with. like brand new. more info here
    $55 shipped
    exactly THIS one :D
  2. purpletornado


    Aug 5, 2009
    PCI or PCI Express on the video card?
  3. always forgetting something ;) pci express 2.0
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  10. I will give ya 60 for the strat neck
  11. I don't want to go lower at this time. I got it for $112, its not worth half its new price, sorry.
  12. do any trades for the neck? If so what do you want?
  13. only interested in delays and guitar overdrives at this time.
  14. neck sold! and bump
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  17. Pm responded (a while back haha) and bump!
  18. I sent you another PM with a small list..
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