SOLD MIJ Pbass, Early 90’s - PB70 model. Price drop

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    ~$625 is shipped price for CONUS~

    Up for sale is my awesome early 90’s MIJ 70’s reissue Pbass. Original pickups (these pickups sound awesome) no mods. Pretty light - Weight is right around 9 pounds, I believe 8.89.

    This bass is roughly 30 years old so it has some dings in it. None that affected me in any way to where I needed to get it repaired though. I took a pic so you can see for yourself.

    This price is below market value and includes shipping in the CONUS - why? A few reasons. I think it is due for a fret job. It is quite playable as is, but the frets are pretty worn and if you buy it at some point you will want to do this. Additionally the output jack is working fine, but I have to spray some contact cleaner on a 1/4 cable now and then, so you may want to consider swapping it out. The volume pot works perfectly but it’s a little loose and you may want to tighten that up. Pretty typical issues for an older bass, so nothing out of the ordinary.

    The second is that for some reason, half the serial number (maybe MIJ back then was “not cool”?) was removed so I can’t give a precise year. I popped the neck so you can see it is indeed the legendary PB70 model, which is one of the best MIJ Pbasses ever made. Here is why:

    Ash body/maple neck. A rare combo on a Pbass, and why guys will spend way more on a super heavy USA 70’s Pbass. The result is an incredibly balanced tone that is perfect for the studio or gigging.

    the neck - this neck is easier to play than a standard Pbass. It has a thinner nut (I believe it is 1.55) and is medium thickness from front to back. If you love old school pbasses, but the neck is too much - this neck is perfect. It is right between the Old school baseball bat Pbass and the skinny Jazz bass.

    The weight - it’s not Sadowsky light, but its much lighter than a US bass from this era.

    Final surprise bonus - for whatever reason, this stock pickup just has “it”. I loved recording with this bass and if I did not have 2 other Pbasses, I would probably keep this, but I don’t need 3. I would ask whomever buys this - give the stock pickup a fair chance before diving in.

    So this is it. It plays fine out of the bag (it comes with a padded gig bag), but if you want to invest a little more in cleaning it up, it’s easily a main lifetime player.

    I’ve already dropped this price on this and included shipping, so I’m not looking for low offers and no trades. I’m looking for a guy or gal who has been on the hunt for a killer MIJ bass and will value and enjoy this thing for hopefully along time. If you are that person, please PM me.
    78409649-CE36-4F71-9309-18F8B7654270.jpeg 958134C7-55F3-4615-8C17-7F2F9BE8F0BC.jpeg 2A0E6D7A-5629-430A-9EAF-57A30C089AD9.jpeg 151E06CB-2D73-47C0-B0A1-F4878E818254.jpeg 0FFD59AD-30CD-4B02-A82A-5F5A340D6C83.jpeg EA8079FE-A320-45D9-A861-1DA9B8F504B2.jpeg

    57CAFF0D-EF7B-461D-B2BB-F77BAD5E4978.jpeg 75D9F746-DEFF-4B1A-B4F8-8BE816A5F73A.jpeg
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    I just sold one like this in mint condition, fantastic bass, its a steal for this price, GLWTS..
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    Sep 12, 2004
    Mesa Boogie, Tech 21, Taylor
    Wow you really did have the same exact one. I think ours is the same year and everything. That’s awesome.
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