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  1. Zimborg


    Feb 20, 2017
    I am attempting to resurrect a neck i really like by replacing a horrible replacement truss rod nut substitute with a proper nut. I finally got the monstrosity to come off, but am having trouble finding a proper replacement. Does anyone know what the thread should be? Covid has kept me from the hardware store but the part that came off looks 5mm. Is that something that Squier did in the 80’s?

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  2. Zimborg


    Feb 20, 2017
    On an offhand comment I found elsewhere here at long last I saw that 6mm 1mm pitch is common for Squier. I couldn’t find any nuts threaded like that so I took one I had bought that was nowhere close and drilled it Out with a drill press. Then tapped it by hand. I also drilled out the monstrosity to make a spacer. Then I threaded the new nut and counted how far on it would go and marked where it fell on the old nut to find the spot where i had good contact but room to adjust still. Seems to work. I may have to cut a different one with a bit more thread. There is about 1/4 inch threaded onto the truss eod now. Is that enough?
  3. 96tbird

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    Squier still does it. The rest of the world is metric. They literally will not make products on an inch Standard. The cost to them to retool is simply too high.

    even the US military is metric to align with NATO countries.

    Nothing made outside of North America’s is on an inch basis. They also don’t sell quarts of whiskey or Quarter Pounders with cheese. It’s a Royale With Cheese. :roflmao:
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  4. Zimborg


    Feb 20, 2017
    Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but i cannot find a 6mm nut for sale.

    I like the metric system, just wish parts were available.

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