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Mike Dirnt

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Jennifer, Oct 10, 2000.

  1. Jennifer


    Jul 31, 2000
    Erie, Illinois
    I've been getting into listening to Mike Dirnt lately. What fun his basslines are!
  2. Good for you, Jennifer! I have never been ashamed to say that Mike Dirnt was and is a huge influence on my playing. I got into Green Day way back in about 1991, as I was starting to get serious about playing. Listening to his lines made me want to play! I've learned all their albums backwards and forwards. His lines may be fairly simple, but they're a hell of a lot of fun, as you said.
    However, I just picked up Green Day's new CD and I'm very disappointed. All pop and no punk. Bummer.
  3. I listen to him pretty much :) ... haven´t heard anything of the new Green Day cd...
    Dave: so you don´t recommend buying it? :(

    and like you said.. he´s basslines are fun to listen and to play... :)


  4. Jennifer


    Jul 31, 2000
    Erie, Illinois
    Our drummer bought the CD and feels the same way you do, Dave. That's too bad.
  5. Well, I would recommend going to a record store that has a listening station and checking it out before you buy it. I'm such a fan of theirs that I just bought it, no questions asked. The thing I like about them is the super-aggressive stuff they do.. I feel like they've gotten better with every album, especially "Nimrod".. what an ass-kicking CD! But it seems they've taken a turn. I can't fault them for doing something different.. call it "maturing" or "evolving" or whatever. It just bummed me out.. I put the CD on and waited for the caffeinated blast that never came.. **sigh**..
  6. well despite green days new "less punk,more pop" approach i think any real fan would find a place for it.
    though its not that great i would still recommend it

    as for his basslines, i love em. im not that good of a player but his lines stick so closley to scales it makes it a lot easier to play.

  7. I gotta disagree guys, im as punk as the next guy, but Im lovin the new green day cd. I beg you guys to tell me one song that is horibbly bad plus with songs like Macy's Day Parade, Misery, and Warning that makes it an automatic moneys worth purchase. I agree that i too long for the dookie-kerplunk days but hell every band has to evolve.

    On a side note the new offspring cd is definetly worth the purchase, its their most punk effort since smash so if you guys like punk pick Conspiracy of One up.
  8. Sorry Mikey96 but i have to de-lurk to answer your request for a bad Green Day song.

    I think that their 'I want to be a minority' ditty is one of the saddest pieces of #@$% i've had the misfortune to listen to (IMO)- i just can't relate a mega succesful calpunk band to that 'message?' - puhlease

    Ok - i'm running for cover now
  9. man **** you dean you trendy ass poser
  10. I guess the truth is difficult sometimes 'nickisthebest'

    If you want some 'real' punk try checking out some of the originators like The Anti Nowhere League, The Dead Kennedys, Stiff Little Fingers etc

    It's not about writing songs to make you 'down' with the kids - it's about being genuinely p#$%ed off.

    All together now 'down with the moral majority.....'
  11. Deynn

    Deynn Moderator Emeritus

    Aug 9, 2000
    Just out of curiosity...just what exactly does any band today....have to be "genuinely p#$%ed off" ABOUT?????....:)
  12. Possibly the record labels turning them out as 'products' rather than releasing their material?

    It's just the 'irony' that gets me in that tune!

    As always - it's just one persons opinion.
  13. To me Greenday is like a Scooter...Lots of fun but you don't want your friends to catch you doing it.
    BTW, "Longview" was the second song I learned to play...
  14. uh im lost

    i think the dead kennedys should eat more mexican food
  15. dirnt is a lot of fun, his lines are pretty nifty. by the way dean, way to bring up stiff little fingers. those guys ruled!

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