Mike Dirnt's Equipment

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  1. Hey, i am a fan of mike. Could any one tell me what equipment he uses. i know that he uses p-bass's and an old Gibson G-3 bass but what amps does he use and does he use any effects???

    Thanks Morty :p

  2. See? Your are obsessed!
    Nah just joking hes good none of your blink 182 lines, soz i cant help you out on the amps thing though.
    p.s do you want to be his mini-me
    i wanna be fat mikes
  3. Hmm....I'm sure i saw mesa boogie cabs....and i think he uses three amps in the studio. He goes into some sort of Mesa Boogie High Gain Switch, then into three different amps...AMPEG SVT, Gallien Krueger 800 and a Yamaha Guitar amp...this is based on pure recollection from a Bass Player Magazine.
  4. I think he uses mesa's for the cabs. I am not sure about the heads.

    see if he is on www.guitargeek.com
  5. Morty the Gibson is dead...

    Tre broke it... :mad: