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Mike Herrara of MxPx

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by ThumperCI6, Dec 27, 2000.

  1. What do you all think of Mike Herrara of MxPx's style of bass playing??? I like it, but what do you all think?
  2. i'd say it's pretty good, mostly i like his ability to sing and play at the same time. ever try to sing and play "chick magnet" at the same time? took me a lot of practice. if i wasn't such a rhythmic little white boy i probably could never do it.

    woohoo, 100 posts!! do i get a party?
  3. Christine23


    Aug 31, 2000
    yeah i'm a big fan of MxPx. i think the style really fits the music, it's not really complicated but it's fun and sounds good. chick magnet rules! it was the first real song that i learned when I got my bass (that was more than like 2 notes) it's a cool part
    mxpx rules!
  4. yeah i like mike's style of playin. yeah it took me a while to be able to play "chick magnet" and sing at the same time. well, my vocals arent the best anyway so it took a while to get that all down.
  5. the iceman

    the iceman

    Nov 27, 2000
    I think Mike Herrera is great. I'm probably just saying this because Mxpx is my favorite band by far, but that's ok. I admire someone's songwriting ability far more than their technical skill, and I think Mike is a phenomenal songwriter. But, that's not to say he's no good at bass either----listen to "The Theme Fiasco", or maybe "New York to Nowhere"----you'll see he's a very good bassist. I've seen Mxpx live several times and they put on a great show and sound awesome too.

    Oh yeah, and it took me a little while to play Chick Magnet and sing it at the same time too. Now that I can do it, I truly have become a chick magnet......heh heh, well maybe not....
  6. I think he can make very catchy basslines with a few simple notes. (ie: Chick Magnet) Plus, he wears his bass at his ankles...I can't even wear mine at the knees like everyone else and that weekly trend. Atleast Mike isn't as annoying, hypocritical, or cocky as Mr. Hoppus. I don't like that guy
  7. MxPx (magnified plaid) is definately the one of the best punk bands out ther right now. Even secular listeners enjoy it. I enjoy the lively tune in Chick Magnet as well, it being the first song I ever played. But please....please....don't insult MARK HOPPUS! He is talented as well. Don't be so critical towards him. Show respect towards all musicians.
  8. He's a musician? :D
    j/k...that's just been my preception of him for a LONG time. Although, i certainly respect your opinion. I like a different style of bass playing than what he does, you probably don't like MY style of bass playing...i'm perfectly content with that. :D

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