Mike Lull jazz basses, Radius, Strings balance, Pickups

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  1. Reviz


    May 2, 2010
    Hi, I read some topic about this arguments but I needed to start this to ask for more info.

    I have some basses but I am mainly a Pbass player. I would like to switch to a jazz bass but I always found his strings balance not so good (the split pickup of the pbass allows you to obtain a great string-to-string volume balance). I own two fender jazz bass and I tried many others but the strings E and G always sound louder, the only "fix" could be to keep tha pickups far from the strings but the "problem" remains.

    Given that the Mike Lulls basses have a radius of 12" (Fender basses, not vintage, 9.5"), maybe they have a great balance between strings due to a flatter fretboard. What your impression is? (I am referring to ML owners/exowners and to whom tried them).

    Otherwise, are there J pickups with adjustable poles other than the Dimarzio model j?