SOLD Mike Lull PJ5 Sunburst for Sale or Trade

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  1. Price:
    Sunburst Mike Lull PJ5. Original owner. Passive pickups. 8.4 lbs. Amazing balance and craftsmanship. Bass is close to mint condition (one very small re-glued lacquer chip on headstock, otherwise mint). Lull custom case in mint condition, has never left the house. Original papers. Currently has Sadowsky-type after-market volume and tone knobs, but I have the originals if you prefer. Thinning my collection and going back to a 4 string. Interested in cash or would consider trading for a 4 string P bass by Fender Custom, Lakland US, Sadowsky Metro, or Lull. Might also consider taking a Fender AVRI P bass plus cash. Can email more pictures to those interested.

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  2. Scale and string spacing?
  3. 35" scale; 18 mm spacing
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