SOLD Mike Lull V4 Jazz Custom in Shoreline Gold - Stunning!

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  1. Nomad5

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    This is a 2021 model in showroom condition, that I got right here on TB 6 months ago or so. As part of my retirement, I only intend on keeping 1 bass - and still have 3. If the others sell, I'll keep this one - but truthfully I'll never give this amazing bass the love it deserves. So...with a bit of hesitation I think I should let this one go.
    V4 Custom with:
    - Alder Body
    - Fralin Custom Single Coil Pickups
    - Hipshot Hardware (B Bridge)
    - Roasted Maple Neck
    - Ebony Fretboard
    - VVT - Passive controls
    - 8lbs even
    - 1.54" at the nut (Jazz Width)

    Ships in a Lakeland Case. No Trades please. Paypal F&F or Zelle due to the new rules. My reputation is very solid and important to me. Can discuss other security privately. Price includes shipping CONUS
    Thanks so much!

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  2. Perfect in every way. I love this!
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  3. Nomad5

    Nomad5 Gold Supporting Member

    Totally agree. I'm so thrilled to have it - as to me it's the perfect Jazz. I just have nowhere to play it now. I'll likely end up keeping either my RW-P or RW-Jazz to use at home and in my little studio. This one deserves some stage-time :)
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  4. RSmith

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    Jan 18, 2003
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    This is a sweet deal for this bass. It came from me and it just sits in the mix perfectly!
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  5. kobass

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    Nov 3, 2003
    Outside Boston
    Wow! Sweet bass!

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  6. Two questions: 1) what makes it "custom" vs the standard v4?
    2) any sound clips you've recorded, or links to potential demo's they did on Instagram?
  7. Nomad5

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    Great questions. First, I’m not certain what denotes “custom” in this case, as I didn’t order this bass personally - however I would think the roasted neck is the differentiator. I can look into this further if you like. Also, I’m sorry that I don’t have any sound clips that I’ve taken personally. There are however, many reviews and clips of Mike Lull V4 Jazz basses if you do a quick YouTube search. I hope that helps.
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    Aug 1, 2004
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    What a deal.. GLWTS
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  9. Nomad5

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    I think so as well. Hoping somebody takes me up on it here on TB.
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  10. Nomad5

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    And…sold pending payment. Thanks Talkbass.
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