SOLD Mike Pope MPP-1 Preamp

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    06/20 -

    Recently serviced by Slemmons music service in Dallas, (AER service center.) The power transformer and leads were loose - preamp has a clean bill of health and sounds fantastic. Service paperwork will be in the box.

    Cosmetically in nice shape. There is one scratch on the lower left ear and some small superficial scratches on the top.

    Punchy with lightning fast transients, ultra-responsive and has an openness quality across the spectrum that I've yet to find with another preamp. (The pre I'm keeping, an ISP Beta, while no slouch, sounds muted in the highs compared to the Pope.)

    Asking price is shipped CONUS.

    MPP-1 Front.JPG
    MPP-1 Rear.jpg
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    Killer pre. One if not the best ever made. GLWTS!