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    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    I want to thank all of you guys for all the help and knowledge you guys supplied to me in the "cabs 101" thread and all of my other questions. Armed with the knowledge to make a sound judgment what I needed out of a system I ordered my new cabs this weekend. I did some thinking and nowdays unless your micing your cab all you have is a stage monitor system and most of us use a di. I have listened to alot of cabs and came to the conclusion that I really dont like to haul around tons of stuff and convenience was a big plus to me so I went with a light and loud setup of a nemesis 2-10 (250wt 4ohm) and 4-10 (450wt 4ohm). I have a 1500 wt power amp and I can run one channel at 750 wts and power the whole setup and still have a spare amp onhand. The specs on the cabs are not great by any means but they sound good and they are light and easy to transport plus that leaves the other channel of the power amp open to use a sub and still give it 750 wt if I need to and I probably will. The cabs are a great deal, dont get me wrong I dont have a problem paying alot for an expensive setup but to there was not a 500-600 dollar sound difference between these cabs and the bergs or edens, thay did sound really good but I got the nem 4-10 for $450 and the berg 3-10 was 1100 bux and while the berg did sound great it didnt sound 600 bux better. Now I have a really portable good sounding rig that dont go real low but I have a feeling im still gonna build my 2-12 sub to go with the system and I feel I made the right decision for me that best fits my needs. One of the best things is that the whole rig ( which im going to downsize the rack to power and pre) is that it will weigh in at around 150 pounds less the sub and I can break it up into a 2-10 for small stuff or any combination thereof.
    So thanks to all of you guys for the education and happy playing.:cool:
  2. I don't seen anything wrong with the Eden Nemesis 2x10 rig... it is -3 dB to 35 Hz, very respectable. It won't hit 31 Hz like a subwoofer... cuz it isn't a subwoofer. It also doesn't weigh 150 pounds or take up 8 cubic feet like a subwoofer either.

    If you eventually go to a pre + power config, you can throw in an active crossover and bi-amp if you ever have need of a subwoofer.

    Sounds like you made a smart choice and one that is fairly easy to carry.
  3. ThunderStik

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    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    Well it should all be here this week and between a 2-10 and a 4-10 that should cover most of the basses and I can choose between 2-10, 4-10 or 6-10's so I think it will be ok.
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    Sep 9, 2000
    Glad to have helped, and it sounds like you are making intelligent decisions. :) A bassist in my area uses a Nemesis 2x10 combo and it sounds very nice. I also agree with your sense of value (and frugality) - being conscious about whether a small improvement in sound quality is worth the extra cost.
    - Mike