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  1. jayzarecki


    Feb 23, 2005
    san diego, CA
    well for our MOS< when i was in, was Fast Tracked, cause of that whole korean thing, so IET/AIT was 4 weeks i think? than we got assigned to duty stations and i think PLdc happened about 8 months in? dont rememebr, oh, and there were plenty of stupid privates running around trust me. The points jst to get up to e-5 were arounf 800. just gotta be good i guess! lol
  2. jayzarecki


    Feb 23, 2005
    san diego, CA
    CWO% i belive the the command master chief of the army? i think....i belive there is only one. The rank is four boxes that are outlines as opposed to being sold boxes.
  3. That makes even less sense!

    Not even a full training cycle, not even the length of a basic training cycle... then sent that 'cruit to PLDC and give them stripes, and possibly be put into a "real world" situation?

    Sorry, regardless of background, you're still a 'cruit, cherry, noob, FNG after only a year. ESPECIALLY in Armor or Artillery, the Fire Direction Control is done mostly by E-5's. To have someone with NO experience (even less experience than the average private) responsible for putting rounds downrange is ridiculous.

    When I was stationed in Panama two civillian guys got killed on an artillery range while we were doing live fire. We got the cease fire and we had GENERALS from USARSO (not Division, not post, US Army South) checking the lay of our guns to see if the rounds were going where they were supposed to.

    It's not just a matter of money or the pride and respect of having stripes on a collar- it's about the responsibility that comes with experience and leadership and has "real world" life or death implications.
  4. Glenn D.

    Glenn D.

    Aug 20, 2002
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    In the Vietnam era, it was common practice to take promising recruits at the end of AIT and send them to a short course to make them instant NCOs - "Shake and Bake" sergeants they were called.

    When were you there? I was TDY to Southcom at the end of '89.

    Glenn D.
  5. I was in the 508th at Ft. Kobbe on the Pacific side from 88-90. Nice time to visit, eh?
    It's a different Army now. It's a different Army than when I was in. It was a different Army from the time I went to Basic to the time I ETSd. Vietnam was a numbers game- the proportion of draftees vs. volunteers was different. They needed as much help with leadership as they could get. Nowadays there's a lot more emphasis on 'technical and tactical profiency.'
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    No, no NO! ABsolutely false. CW5 was added about 10-12 years ago, and there are many.
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