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MILWAUKEE: Auditioning Bassists for Grunge/Industrial/Punk Project

Discussion in 'Wanted: Bass Players' started by dumb, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. dumb


    Jan 1, 2013
    - Undertones of European folk & simple jazz standards
    - Interested in dabbling in trip-hop for future albums.
    - Polly Jean, Kurt, & Trent are biggest influences. Others
    have commented that they also hear Alice In Chains, Hole,
    Tool, Skinny Puppy, & others.

    - Plays naturally behind the beat (doesn't intellectualise it) &
    plays well with the guitars & vocals alone when a drummer
    isn't present. (There will definitely be a drummer though.)
    - Has pro bass gear for live gigs.
    (I write bass lines on a '97 Fender American P-Bass, but
    don't have a proper amp, just an old crate keyboard amp
    that does the trick for now. The lead guitarist /
    keyboard player has written & recorded bass parts for 1
    full album on an Ibanez SR 305 DX 5-string.)
    - Preferred age: 27-35 years. (we're both 28 yo.)
    - Has reliable transportation to practices & recording

    We record all songs on analog Tascam 4-tracks in our a "home studio in progress" practice space. (Computer's only use is to transfer tracks to digital for sharing purposes.) Our space is in a finished basement with (unintentional, but conveniently coincidental!) Owens Cornings acoustic panelling on 3/4 walls of main practice & recording area as well as 50% of the rest of the basement, faux wood floors + cheap (optional) rugs, & generic square acoustic panelling on the ceiling. (Recently re-located back to Milwaukee & so our space is a work in progress.) If we'd ever get the chance (& the money...) to record in a pro-studio it would have to be with someone like Steve Albini. Raw, analog, straight from the source. (We have no plans nor any desire at this point or at any point in the near future, to record to record the shiny, cold, digital way...)

    We've got one bass player scheduled to audition in a few weeks. We're looking for more Milwaukee-based bassists who'd like to audition this January. Needed for live shows & recording on approx. 75% of songs. Over 2 albums worth of material written, but only a few bass parts are ready to go. The rest have yet to be written or need huge overhauls & bass parts re-written by a 100% bass player. Songs themselves: almost all of it has been recorded, anything from scratch-demo (guitar & vox) to "full-band" recordings. But we still need a local Milwaukee bass player (that can sub on rhythm guitar for some live songs) & a drummer. (Drummers feel free to respond too if you happen to come upon this, even though this ad is meant for bassists.)

    if you're interested reply by email and tell us a bit about yourself. any everyone, feel free to respond here & comment if you have any questions, thoughts, just want to introduce yourself & say hi, etc. thanks!