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MIM Fender Jazz question

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by a3holerman, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. a3holerman


    Nov 21, 2002
    :meh: Hi,
    I have a MIM Jazz I bought 3 years ago. Just too busy with kids to do much with it. Kids are off to college now and just in the last few months have had the time to start learning and practicing. Having a ball and really getting into it. I bought it new locally and they wanted $75 to set it up after a couple of months as I thought it needed it. Decided to learn myself and have read and have set it up per the Fender manual and it seemed ok. Played around with it lately and never could get it to play without some fret buzz without having the strings set higher than Fender recommended. Took it to a small guitar store ( not where I bought it) and asked the owner whom I know as his son and mine play in a band together if he'd take a look at it. Faster than a bunny he had the neck off telling me it needed an adjustment. Can't remember the term but the angle needed adjustment: not the relief. He was suprised as the body has a cutout under the center of the neck mounting area and the neck had a flat bolt head but there was no adjustment set screw under the chrome metal body plate to adjust the neck angle. I hope this make sense to those that are reading this. He padded the area with some tape and reassembled it and set it up....WOW what a difference strings are much lower and no buzz anywhere. He is not a Fender expert but was surprised thet there was no adjustment there as there was a round hole cut into the body below the center of the neck mounting area but no adjustment setscrew. We wondered if this was normal for MIM Jazz's or if perhaps they forgot to put it in. Again it looks as if it was milled for one. Does anyone know if this is normal or did it perhaps get missed during the taco break.

    Thanks for any help