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mim fender or sx?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Xanadu, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Xanadu


    Jul 17, 2005
    hey all

    i was hoping for some advice on my next potential buy , im an intermidiate bassist and i think its time ive purchased a better quality bass than my 150 olp lol, i think its holding me back in a way, and im kinda getting bored w/ it to tell you the truth.

    ive always loved the sound of a p bass, I play all types of music, and most people would recomend a j because of its versitility, but imo a p just feels better in my hands.

    so im trying to decide between a sx that i would heavily mod, new pups, new bridge, tuners, ect. ect. or getting a mim fender than i would probobly mod less, but pay more for up front. personally im liking the sx idea better, but ive never played one , so i cant really tell yet , any advice would help me, and you could also suggest also basses if you want ,im open minded thanks in advance :bassist:
  2. full_bleed


    May 27, 2005
    go for the sx
  3. Matt H

    Matt H

    Jul 30, 2005
    Ithaca, NY
    sounds like the SX p/j for 120 and shipping might be a good idea...

    unforunately (for you) the neck on them is a jbass neck... (you said the p felt better in your hands...)

    however, it's got a p body, so i suppose you could always pick up a pbass neck for it (even one of the SX necks through the rondo site) for a few bucks more...
  4. flexo


    May 3, 2005
    Perth, Australia
    Although i havent played an SX, i can't see it being much better than your OLP. I have an OLP and i think its a decent starting bass. There are several ways you could mod the OLP you currently have. In fact it would probably be just as suited to mods as the sx would. It'd probably work out better than selling it, since i've heard resale isn't that great on the OLPs.

    If you do buy a new bass, do you plan to sell the OLP or have you got the money to buy a second bass?
  5. If you think that the OLP is lower quality then do not go with the SX. Although nice (my frend just got one) it is still a beginners instrument. You said you have enough to do a few mods to the MIM so my guess is you have enough to find a good used US fender that will be a huge step up. IMO though the stock pups, tuners, bridge etc. on the MIM P are pretty good without modding.
  6. Save up man. And get a Geddy Lee Jazz... best buy you will make.
    And you will not regret it one bit!
  7. klocwerk


    May 19, 2005
    Somerville, MA
    Hey guys, why not tell him to save up for a fodera while we're at it? I think he made his price range pretty clear.

    I was going over this same question about 6 months ago, but for a jazz bass instead of a P. I ended up finding a really good deal on a used MIM, and only paid $200 with shipping for it. New set of strings, a minor setup, and it's a very nice bass. The only thing I'd change might be the bridge. Contrast that with paying $120 for an SX (good luck finding/wanting a used one), then replacing pups, bridge, tuners, strings, etc. You're looking at about the same cost, and the SX might turn out more expensive. Also people say that you really need to pick and choose your SX, so if you're not near Jersey that could be a problem.

    I decided that the used MIM would hold it's value a lot better than a gussied up SX in case I decide to sell it somewhere down the road.

    Of course, now that I got my jazz craving fixed I'm considering getting an SX P to mess around with.
  8. superfly


    Aug 4, 2004
    Quote:by klocwerk
    ive always loved the sound of a p bass, I play all types of music, and most people would recomend a j because of its versitility, but imo a p just feels better in my hands.
    Sorry, but yes he would. He wants a P Bass not a Jazz bass. I have the same preference to a P bass. I picked up a used Geddy a few months ago, and I sold it within a week. There was nothing wrong with it and it was built well. But I wanted a P because a P feels more at home in my hands.

    I would look for a used MIA or a used MIM P bass. The used MIM P would give you $$ room to modify also.
    Even thought the SX is inexpensive, its still a cheap bass. They are overhyped here.
  9. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    The SX is not going to be an upgrade from the OLP. As for mods, you'd be better off modding your OLP than buying an SX to mod. IMO a Fender MIM is much better for you.
  10. Argh...

    Mods are senseless. If you are looking for a new instrument with a new, and or better sound, buy one!

    Do not buy a bass with the intention of taking it a part just to swap in expensive after-market equipment or you'll be spending enough money to afford a -really- good bass on Ebay/here.