MIM Fender P or J burst bodies..how many pieces?

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    My 04 MIM J bass burst has 'almost' a 1 piece body, except for a small piece on the outer wing covered by the dark burst.....so it shows 1 piece basically

    Is this normal for burst Fender bass bodies or do they vary from this?

    This is a very nice minty bass, save for sharp fret ends that i addressed.

    I love the bass...however i have several 80's USA Peavey basses with J necks that i like as well.

    Just deciding whether to put some alnico pickups in this MIM J bass... but the stock ceramics are decent to my ears.....i feel liked i scored with this bass and it is minty....is the body 'showing 1 piece' on the clear part of the body typical, save for the small wing piece on the outer edge covered by the dark burst?

    I can sell it rather easily for a good profit but something tells me its worth investing in vintage alnico pickups, if not another pickguard etc.

  2. it‘s a veneer on top of 7-11 pieces of alder.
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    Jun 20, 2005
    My 2011 MIM sunburst Jazz body is a 2-piece alder with 1-piece alder veneer.
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    Har dee har har....seriously, i know many pieces are used normally.....like 5 on my 96 MIM Tele, 3 pieces on my 92 MIM Strat.

    Doesnt matter though, like many expert luthiers that have swapped necks say, the tone is mainly in the neck.

    It is one heck of a nice looking veneer job if thats what it is on both sides (i have no clue, i dont) so why am i seeing an end piece on the back if its veneer on both sides?

    Wouldnt the veneer normally extend all the way over to each edge on 'both sides' or not?

    I dont know these burst MIM Fenders at all...matter of fact i am likely assuming wrong, that it is one piece mainly with the small end piece visible on the back?
  5. Pictures would help... If the burst is covering the belly cut then it's a block/veneer body almost certainly.
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    Yes, the burst does cover the belly cut....the small end piece 'seam' is on the belly cut side but does not extend into the belly cut....its 1 3/4" wide on the bottom bout of the belly cut side.

    So....did the back veneer piece extend just to where the edge of the burst is on the back..... and the rest is filler on the 1 3/4" edge covered by the brown burst?

    In other words the back veneer does not cover the entire back, correct?

    I can't post pics right now sorry.
  7. When the veneer is applied to the back it covers the entirety, however the cutting of the contour reveals the pieces beneath necessitating the wider black band of paint to hide it.

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