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  1. Up for sale is a MIM Fender pbass neck with tuners, string tree but no back plate or screws. Truss rod works fine. I wanted to try a p bass neck again but come to find out, my fret hand is getting too old and arthritic for the p neck width so off it goes.

    Pics: Pictures by wahughes46 - Photobucket


    When I received the neck it wasn't in that great of shape. There were small dings all over the back of the neck and a big ol' ding in the fret board(from shipping). I sanded the back of the neck and got 99% of the dings out, since most were in the finish not the wood. There is one that looks like a puncture with a small screwdriver maybe, near the twelfth fret that would of taken a lot more sanding to remove but its hardly noticeable now and does nothing to the playability. And one small ding near the head stock that, again, is hardly noticable. After sanding, I gave it 5 coats of Tru-oil and sanded til no longer glossy. Has a smooth finish and feels nice.

    The big deal is the ding in the fretboard. Its on the G-string side 12th fret and as you can see in the pics, its a gooder. When playing tho I never noticed it nor was hindered by it in anyway.

    Because of the aforemention issues I am selling for $85 shipped. CONUS only
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    PM sent
  3. Payment Pending
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  6. send me your paypal, I'll take it.
  7. Sold!

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