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MIM Fender Stu Hamm Urge I bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bassline1414, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Hello,
    I recently traded my Yamaha RBX260 Fretless and 60 bucks for one of these. I had a few questions for those who know anything about this particular bass.

    *When was it produced? (I don't think they make 'em anymore)
    *What is the list price?
    *Did I get a good deal?

    Thanks for your time,
    Steve :)
  2. *bump*

    Also wanted to add that it's active if that makes any difference.
  3. wow, that sounds like a pretty good deal
  4. I'm not positive but heres my guesses...

    I'm pretty sure its a 32" scale. You can now find MIA(?) versions w/ a 34" scale. Whats the serial number, and i'll let you know what year (i dont want to type out the explanation of reading it..)
  5. MSN43261 is the serial number.
  6. OK... i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure its a 94, and infact made in Mexico. I dont know what the S prefix is for though between the M and the N.

    As for was it a good deal? i think so, I'd trade my Yamaha RBX 260 + $60 for one any day. If you have second thoughts, i'm sure i'll give it a nice home.
  7. Thanks, Muttluk.
  8. Hi:
    I've had one of these since 93. If I recall correctly they were made from 93-95 or 96. Read the head stock, mine actually says made in USA. I've seen these bass going for $500-800 on Ebay.
    You have one which has the 3 pickup combo? or just the 2 Jbass pickups? (STD vs Student edition).

    AS for features, Alder body, pauferro wood fretboard, 32" scale, asymetrical neck, string thru body, 3-pickup combo and 4 way selector switch.
    Toggle switch switches between bottom=J bass pkups, middle position= all three pkups, and top=pbass. (or left to right depending on how toggle was installed) .
    4 way selector is bottom=passive mode, 1 click up="preamp active mode", 2 clicks up=active w/ mid boosted (adjustable via pot in control cavity), 3 clicks up=standby -off no sound.
    I've had great success w/ mine and learned to love the superfast neck and great tones. Its more modern than traditional, you hear electronics not woods, but it makes a very good P-bass soud and a very average Jbass. Decent bass sound for a superlightwieght, short scale bass.
    The new 34" scale Stu hamm UrgeII sounds slighty more beefy, and bassy, but the electronic have been changed substantially. It cost exactly the same as what I paid for my UrgeI 9yrs ago.
    Hope this helps
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. Its the student version.

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