MIM Fender Urge I, some info ?

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  1. hey folks,

    Anybody got some info on the old MIM Fender Urge I. I have done a search, it pretty much just brings up ancient threads and doesn't really answer any questions. Some guy is interested in trading one for my TBC.

    So, if anyone has had experience with these what are they like ?


  2. DeanT

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    Technically, it's called the Stu Hamm Urge Standard Bass. The MIA is the Urge 1.

    Anyway, the MIM Urge is similar to the MIA Urge, but with a poplar body (not alder), rosewood fretboard (not Pau Ferro), a matching painted headstock, deluxe lightweight tuning machines, 2 J pickups (not the J/P/J style of the Urge 1), volume/tone controls (not volume/pan, treble/bass stacked controls of the Urge 1) and a pickup selector mini-switch (the Urge 1 has three mini-switches).

    The MIA Urge 1 was sold from 1993-1999 and cost $1,599 new. The Urge Standard was sold from 1994-1999 and cost $599 new.
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    Aug 27, 2000
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    I had an MIM one. It was a cool bass for the price range. After awhile, I got tired of the sound difference between an 34" and 32" scale E and A, otherwise I would have kept it. Would also make a superb piccolo bass.
  4. Piccolo bass ... hmmm :D