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Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by fretbuzz, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. hello, I've just purchaced a like new mexican jazz from ebay. everything is fine, except I'm getting quite a lot of noise from the pick ups, even if I move 10 ft from the amp. the noise seems to go away when I touch the strings or the metal control cover. what is the best thing to do? at this time I can't afford new pick ups, so any repair suggestions are welcome, thank you.
  2. if the buzz goes away when you touch the strings, it's a bad ground. apparently the ground in the bass is ok, because it SHOULD go away when you touch the strings. honestly, i have no idea wether or not a wiring problem with the other components in the bass would cause this. i don't think it would, but i have nothing to base that on.

    have you used other basses through your amp? if not, then the problem may be in the amp, or maybe the wall plug has a problem with its ground. First, does the plug on your amp have 3 prongs? it should. next, are they all there? if so, you MAY want to check the ground in the wall. you can get a circuit tester from radio shack or anywhere similar that will tell you if your ground's ok. it has a standard 3prong plug on one end, and 3 led's on the other. it will tell you if your ground is bad.

    now, i don't know that it's a problem in the wall socket, but i do know that the buzzing when you're not touching the bass is a ground issue.... somewhere along the line......

    hope this gets the ball rolling for more knowledgeable people to reply.......please.
  3. I have an american jazz and have no problems with noise at all. so I think it's safe to assume it's the mexican bass. do you think shielding can do the trick? I've noticed that the back of the pick guard has no foil, and of course the cavity has none. what should I do? I've found lots of shielding information for stratocasters, but nothing for basses. this bass is going to be a birthday present for my son and I'm running out of time.
  4. does the volume of the buzz depend on which way you're facing in relation to- or how far you are from- the amp/flourescent lights/tv/other interference? if it does, then shielding might help. if not, i think it's just the ground. shielding isn't too hard if you can find the supplies. shielding for a bass would be pretty close to a strat, i'd imagine. i got a sheet of sheilding foil from a bass manufacturer for about $10 canadian. you need to cover the inside of the control cavity, as well as around the pickups, then solder all the pieces of foil you used to each other. or just get some shielding paint. much easier. search for 'shielding' here and you'll find lots of help.

    Another Humming Thread

    here's someone who had success with shielding with a pretty much identical problem.
  5. Het Fretbuzz, I've had a MIM fretless Jazzbass for almost three years now and my only real complaint has been the pickups humming just the way you described them. What I've learned from other members here is that:

    1) The MIM Fender Jazz basses until recently did not have the neck pickup reverse wound to the bridge pickup (which would cancel hum when both pups are on full) so this is why you get most of the hum.
    2) There is no sheilding on most/all of the MIM Fenders.

    I also own a Yamaha BBN5II which is Yamaha's equivalent five string model, but, the pickups ARE reverse wound and are dead silent when both are on full. Even when one pup is soloed, the hum is only about 1/4 of the Fender's hum and is very tolerable.

    Although I haven't done anything to my Fender, I think the only real answer is to install humbucking replacement pups such as DiMarzio. Adding sheilding can only help.

    Sorry if that wasn't much help, but, I just wanted to let you know it's not just YOUR bass doing this.

    Good luck.


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