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MIM Jazz 5

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by David-Adler, May 12, 2001.

  1. David-Adler


    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany
    Hey everybody,

    I know this topic has been talked over a lot, but I still have some questions about the Fender MIM Active 5 Jazz.

    How is the B String ? Is it okay, or just floppy like hell ?
    And if it is to floppy - what could I do about it ? Maybe a new bridge ?

    I also think about replacing Pickups and maybe the Preamp.
    But I mainly want a Decent 5.

    Any help would be really great !

  2. Hello David
    I got me one of those mim jazz 5, but without the preamp. The b string seems alright to me, but i have not tried any others.
    Some modifications i have done include,
    I learned how to set it up properly and am able to make small adjustments without running down to the music store. All bass players should learn this in my opinion, they will have a better idea of how the instrument works and can do their own repairs on the fly if they need to
    I installed a badass v bridge but did not file the saddles as they suggest. Seems ok that way.
    If you install this bridge you must redrill for the screws as the holes from the original do not line up.
    I would suggest not drilling and installing the end screws if you think you may return the bass to stock later, maybe for trade in. Nice bridge it is, looks awesome. comes in 3 colors.
    I also installed dimarzio ultra jazz pups. I posted a while back that i was not happy with the pups both sound and installation. After playing around with pup hite and amp settings, i am starting to like the sound, seems fuller and better highs and lows. What really turned me off on the pups is they are not a drop in, as they are slightly smaller and the ears are closer together, so you will need to cut out some of the bass routes to fit. Not difficult if you are good with tools, dremel tool works great for this. Also need to drill new holes for the pup screws, and use the old screws as the new are 1/4 inch longer, and i was afraid of going through the back of the bass. The holes must be drilled as it is hardwould and you cannot start the screws otherwise. Great sound though, the best is they are dead quiet.
    I would suggest looking at bartonelies or some other make of pup and get their spects, maybe somewone else makes a drop in. Much easier to return the bass to stock if needed.
    I also made a brass nut, to get the open strings to sound more like fretted strings.
    For strings I like (for now) diddarrio chrome flats, sound nice and you dont get that anoying string wistle as you move your fingers on the strings.
    My next upgrade will be a j-retro, as i have heard nothing but good things about them.
    Maybe a different pickgard too.
    these are some things i have done and found some of the problems with. I like to tinker with things, it is a great way to really understand how the bass works. But I only want to do things that can be removed latter as i dont think you would get much more on a trade in with the extras on it. Then you can put them on the next bass, or sell them separate.
    good luck
    mim v to ya

  3. I was just playing one at the music store yesterday. I was comparing it with a 4 string MIM Jazz, and I just didn't like it at all. I know a better comparison would be with another 5 string, but I would think that the two should sound similar, except that the 5 string can go lower. The B did seem a little floppy to me, but not too much. I loved the 4 string though, I wish I had the money to get one.
  4. I have a MIM Jazz 5.....non active. My advice ? Avoid it like the plague. The B string is horrible. I'm not that big on the "jazz bass tone" so I won't go into that cause I know some love it. Do yourself a favor though and get into a better "starter 5 string".

    My suggestions: Dean, Spector, Schecter, Ibanez BTB.

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