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MIM Jazz neck pickup too sensitive?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by TJBass, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. I've got the newer model MIM Jazz, when I run both vol pots max I get a lot of finger noise when playing over the neck pickup, but when playing between them or over the bridge pickup I can really dig in without all the noise. As an example, when playing over the neck pup, it almost sounds like I'm hitting the string against the pickup. The strings are not too low and the pups are not too high, or could they be? Any suggestions? I really like to dig in at time and love playing over the neck pickup when I do.....

  2. The tension, as you get closer to the neck, gets much looser than compared to by the bridge. You have to play with a slighty lighter touch closer to the neck or you might get some unwanted clack. You can raise the saddles of your strings if you really wanted to, or just fix your technique as so you won't dig in so much.
  3. i get clickety clacks near the neck as well on my P/J
    but these are from contact with the frets
    my truss rod is set correctly and the action is ok..sort of medium setting as per fender.
    i have set my pups to the fender recommendations for height to get max response without any magnetic drag (their words!!)
    set the pups to the recommended heights with the strings fretted ON THE LAST (21) FRET.
    and with a jazz you can only set the outer heights
    an easy mistake is to set them with the strings unfretted.
    then if you get the same results you are back to string tensions and technique.
    i think it is same for us all in the end..