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MIM Jazz pups, dimensions + dealers in sweden?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by bos_mindwarp, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. I bought a MIM Fretless Jazz yesterday as a cheap intro into world of fretless, but naturally, I want to do some upgrades on it :D

    So I've been reading about MIM basses having pups of different size then MIA, so I took a measurement tape and got 91mm on neck, and 95mm on bridge pickup. Does this mean my bass is not affected by "MIM disease" and I can order regular J-pups?

    Also, I found a thread with sound comparison between different pickups, and I liked Aero (type 1 I think) best, followed by bartolinis 9J. Now, for the life of me, I cannot find any dealers that sell Aero's in sweden (its all barts or DiMarzio over here), so I wonder if any TB'ers from sweden know where to get those.

    Aero (aeroinstrument.com) themselves list two dealers in europe, both have web sites begging for some professional work-over, and one of them is in german (nothing against the language, but it could as well be chinese for all I care).

    Speaking of swedish contacts, anybody know of a luthier that does epoxy-treatment for a fretless. I'd really like to swap flats for roundwounds :D