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    Sep 23, 2001
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    I just got my j bass a couple of days ago. I got a brown sunburst and I have already added a tortise pickguard. Even though I have played for several years I have only owned 3 basses so I am not that familar with action, string height and etc. I just play them the last one was a used bass that was set at the music store were I bought it. This new bass I mail ordered from MF. When the basses are shiped from the mex. Fender plant how well are they set up? I asume that answer will be that each is different. It plays good for me but like I said earlier I dont know that much on set up but I would like to have it set up as good as possible.

    Also what would be an average rate for a music shop to check and adjust the string height.


  2. Probably $25 or so for a setup. But, they won't be nearly as picky about it as you would be if you were doing it. Go here, and if you feel confident, you can set it up yourself. Just don't mess with the truss rod unless you absolutely have to. It'll always be done right if you learn how to do it yourself.