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MIM Jazz

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by relman, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. Ok...here's the thing....
    I am really looking forward to purchasing one of these basses in the near future. The only problem i have is that every time I turn the tone knob (tried this on 3 of them already) i get an incredible amount of hum. Is this easily solved by soldering?Is anyone else having this problem???
  2. Hmmm... I've got a MIM Jazz and it doesn't hum or buzz at all. First thing I'd do is to try another cord. You may have a bad one. If it isn't that, then you might have an improperly grounded system. If your bass hums when you turn the tone knob, chances are the ground connection to that pot is faulty (or the entire pot is bad). If you're handy with a soldering iron, you might consider investing in 3 good pots (diMarzio makes them) for about $20 and replace the whole lot, making sure you wire and solder everything properly. At least, then, you'ld know that you have good hardware there.

    Oh, if you're getting hum at the store, there's a good chance it's due to electronic interference from their lighting and other sources.
  3. i tried them in two different stores...
    it's probably the soldering...right?
  4. Hard to say for sure. My guess is that it isn't a problem that couldn't be 'cured' with the pot replacement option. That to me would be the worse case scenario (short of the pickups being the problem - which I doubt since you say the hum comes on when you turn the tone knob). I'm not trying to sell you on going that route, rather, am suggesting that, if the more minor repairs - ie. proper grounding and soldering - do not do the trick, the $20 pot replacement likely will. I mean, after all, what else could be causing the problem? Are you wearing a pacemaker by any chance? :)
  5. they've all got a small amount of hum regardless of wether they have soldering problems,,the tone pot can enhance the tone of the hum!! and the noise. they may be affected by electrical interferance, dirty AC ,,, the best thing you can do with the MIM is get the pickups changed,, i changed the pickups in my MIA and they sound amaizing,, i wasn't having alot of noise,, just a bit but i replaced them with stacked dimarzio's ultra j bass and they sound great, the only problem is that i now need it sheilded because i have a major interferance problem,,

    they are great basses if you find a good one,, try everyone in every colour oyu like,,

    get the pickups changed as soon as possible( it'll make your investment seem much sweeter )

    and get it to a good tech,, get the frets finished off properly,, and dressed, and get the neck done

    mine neede shimmed,, it now plays better than anything,,

    ask Dave Siff, on here, about his MIM j bass,,,,

  6. Hello Relman.

    If you have to rewire your bass, try visiting:

    There's all sorts of wiring diagrams there including one for the standard Jazz. That way you can't get it wrong if a rewire's necessary.

    Best regards.

    Rockin John
  7. Wait a minute, everybody.

    The older MIM Jazzes DO hum like crazy, and the soldering is not to blame. The pickups are single coils, and they are not reverse-wound, reverse-poled like the American Jazzes. The best way to get rid of the hum is to replace the pickups with ones that cancel hum. (I used Dimarzio Jazzes, DP123. Dimarzio's are not stacked humbuckers, they are split coil humbuckers, laid end to end. Seymour Duncan has stacked humbuckers.)

    Looking at the specs for the newer Mexi Jazzes, it shows bi-pole pickups, which I think are actually humbucking like the American Jazz when both pickups are turned up to equal volumes. The Dimarzio's and Seymour Duncan's are humbucking even when only using one pickup by itself, though, so they are still a notch ahead in the hum-cancelling department.

    I absolutely love my cheap Jazzes. I have a Mexi Fender Jazz and an older Korean Squier Jazz. They both play excellent, but I replaced the pickups in both with Dimarzio DP123's. I also put a Badass2 bridge on the MIM. Will eventually put a Gotoh 201 bridge on the Squier.

    Play a bunch, buy the best.

    Do a search for MIM Jazz, and read all the threads. This is discussed at length evey couple of weeks.


  8. Agreed on the quality control. I've seen Mexi P's where the E string was almost hanging off the side of the fretboard due to the out-of-line placement of the bridge! I played a bunch, then found mine for $225 new! So I snagged it.

    As for the hum thing, all the Mexi Jazzes I've ever seen (probably only 20) had the same pickup in bridge and neck position, so no hum-bucking at all. On the Fender web-site, the write-up now says "bi-pole"

    ".....and full-range bi-pole pickups are standard features on the new Standard Jazz Bass."

    but the spec sheet still says:

    "Pickups: 2 Standard J-BassĀ® single-coils"

    I don't know what to believe. All the ones I've seen had the 2 single coils. Sounds like they figured out the biggest problem with the Jazzes was the hum from the identical single coils and decided to change it to bi-poles.

    Just a guess.

  9. DanGouge


    May 25, 2000
    It is possible to get a nice MIM Fender, sometimes though you got to play a few to find a nice one... I played a MIM fretless J just the other day and I found it to sound quite good for the price.
  10. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    Its more than likely the pickups, Ive played quite a few mim standards and noticed they all hum, the only mim ones that I have yet to hear hum is the mim deluxe active jazz bass. IMO If you really want a jazz bass, than its best to save a few extra dollors and get the mim deluxe active jazz. No hum, and they sound better than the standards.
  11. They are quite good for the price, with new pups, they can be great basses. I play my MIM J more then I do my MIA P, both are very fine instruments
  12. My new MIM Jazz doesnt hum unless I hold it real close to my tv when its on. Then, I give myself another problem...magenteic distortion on my screen. I just dont learn, dammit! :D:)
  13. My MIM fretless Jazz hums, and has hummed from the day I got it home. Unless I have the bass at a
    90 degree angle to the amp's speaker. Have I replaced the pickups?


    Did I say I was going to do it in the near future six
    months ago?


    I deserve no sympathy. Throbbinut is right. We discuss this every two weeks. What is it? Do we
    all like this topic so much, or do we never learn?

    I think I'm going to go with two bridge size DiMarzio
    Ultra Jazz pups. I don't feel like chopping up the bass. Plus I think the humming has a certain amount
    to do with inferior/no shielding.

    No let's see how long it takes me to do this.

    Talk to you guys later,
    Mike J.

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