mim / mia jazz neck & pup pockets

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    Mar 13, 2003
    it was my understanding that virtually all mim / mia / mij neck pockets 4 and 5 string were the same spec? (of course the width being different on 4 vs 5) i know there were a few "specials" out there.

    also is there a difference in pickup pockets?


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  2. they change the size of there 5 string,i know that but not when. with jazz basses they keep messing around with the pickup rout for the neck/middle pickup on mim i also belive mia's. on some mim the pickup in the neck is the same size as the bridge / but now they use a smaller pickups liek on mia's. also on mim insteed of routing the pickup shape they just route out a big squar. so the bass woutn look good with out the pickgaurd.